A Historic Success!

Mizzou Law alumni, students and faculty came together to celebrate 150 amazing years.

by Anna Sago


Mizzou football wasn’t the only team working overtime this weekend.

This year, Mizzou’s law school rings in its 150th anniversary. To celebrate, members of a planning committee organized a watch party for the Saturday morning Mizzou-Auburn game.

“The 150th only comes around once,” said Bob Langdon, ‘72. “We had a lot of people involved. It’s just a chance for the law students to come back, meet everybody, and see what’s going on- there’s a lot of great things going on in the law school.”a montage of four photos of people having fun at the 150th event

The event had 21 community sponsors. The event was held in the Hearnes Center auditorium, which was decorated with balloons, a custom light-up sign, and four screens to watch the game.

Nearly 500 students, faculty, alumni, and family members attended the event.

Craig Smith ‘87 was one of the attendees. He said that he RSVPed for “…my son, he’s a 2L here, and it’s my 35th anniversary since I graduated, so it just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s a beautiful day and a great crowd.”

Hailey Proctor, a visiting fellow at the Law School and the Kinder Institute, said she came to “meet more of the community and the students who go here.”

The event also allowed current law students to connect with alumni.

“It’s a good networking event, I’m getting to meet some Mizzou alumni,” said Jordan Rolling, a second-year law student. “There are judges, lawyers… I haven’t really figured out my second-year internship, so it’s always good to make connections and meet people.”a montage of four photos of people having fun at the 150th event

“Celebrating 150 years is a big deal. I’m going to California after this, but there’s a lot of really cool and very kind people that I got a chance to meet,” said Brandon Bethel, a third-year law student.

Jack Stack BBQ catered the event, and served a delicious barbeque spread including pulled pork, potato salad casserole, and coleslaw. Shakespeare’s Pizza also contributed dozens of pizzas.

The event was preceded by a cocktail party the night before, held at the Reynolds Alumni Center.

Attendees may not have gotten a Mizzou win, but the chance to mingle and celebrate 150 years of Mizzou law is worth more than any championship.