Assistant Dean Emeritus Bob Bailey Named 2022 Legal Champion

Robert G. Bailey, assistant dean emeritus of the University of Missouri School of Law, was honored with a 2022 Legal Champion award by Missouri Lawyers Media. Bailey was recognized alongside Pamela Meanes and Casey Wong for their work chairing a special committee within The Missouri Bar to increase the retention of diverse lawyers in the legal profession.

Bailey joined Meanes in structuring the committee and leading this group of diverse and non-diverse lawyers in working together. Meanes resigned from the committee in late 2020 because of personal reasons. Bailey continued as chair, and Casey Wong — a litigation partner with Sandberg Phoenix — joined him as vice-chair.

As quoted in Missouri Lawyers Media, Bailey said: “There is unbelievable energy, enthusiasm, wisdom, experience and passionate advocacy among the members of this committee. Leading them is a joyful experience. Every single committee member is committed to what we are doing, and that doesn’t happen very often.”

Bailey readily admits that he is growing in his knowledge of what lawyers of color are facing as they attempt to advance in their careers, remain in the legal profession, and take on leadership roles. “This is an incredibly worthwhile project,” he says, “and incredibly rewarding for me personally.”

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