Ben Thomas ’73 and John Shaw ’77 given 2023 Faculty-Alumni Awards

On Nov. 10, Ben Thomas ’73 and John Shaw ’77 were two of 13 winners of the 2023 Mizzou Alumni Association Faculty-Alumni Awards. Alumni are chosen for this award for outstanding professional achievement and loyal, devoted service to their community and alma mater.

Ben Thomas ’73, has been a staunch supporter since — contributing funds for necessary staff, mentoring students at the clinic, and speaking on behalf of the program at events for both alumni and veterans alike. Additionally, he has inspired major clinical projects, most recently involving a team of students dedicated to challenging the VA’s handling of Gulf War diseases on behalf of all Gulf War Veterans.

John Shaw ’77, has served as lead trial and appellate counsel in a variety of commercial, product liability, and securities matters. He is a founding member of the Michael A. Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship & Justice Advisory Board, which is housed jointly in the MU School of Law and College of Arts & Science.