Professor Frank Bowman Quoted in Washington Post and Slate Regarding Bannon Subpoenas

Frank Bowman, the Floyd Gibson Missouri Endowed Professor of Law and Curator’s Distinguished Professor at Mizzou Law, was quoted in the Washington Post and Slate about a recent subpoena for former President Trump aide Steve Bannon.

“The objective in this case — for Bannon and for anybody similarly situated — is to run out the clock until the election in 2022 on the hope, at least, that Republicans will gain control of the House, at which point this investigation will be kicked into the tall grass,” Bowman told the Washington Post.

“The law here is absolutely plain, I think that these guys have to come, there couldn’t be anything plainer. The question is whether or not Garland’s people will enforce it,” Bowman told Slate.

Bowman is an expert in criminal procedure, federal criminal law and the law surrounding impeachment of the President and other federal officers. He has been quoted in the national media dozens of times in recent years in stories surrounding the impeachments of President Donald Trump in 2019 and 2021.