Mizzou Law Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic Now Offers NIL Contract Review for Student-Athletes

Beginning this January, the Mizzou Law Entrepreneurship Clinic (ELC) will begin offering Name Image and Likeness (NIL) contract review services to all student-athletes at Mizzou and across the state of Missouri.

The ELC already offers legal services for entrepreneurs and new business owners free of charge — and that same service will now be available for student-athletes.

“In addition to reviewing their NIL contracts and helping the student-athlete navigate the complexities of the legal terms and conditions — convert the contract language from ‘lawyer words’ to more common explanations in layman’s terms — we can assist them in protecting their brand through Trademark filings as well and personal liability protection using certain corporate entities,” said Don Seitz, director of the ELC.

a photo of darius robinson playing in a football gameMizzou football star Darius Robinson has already received help from the ELC for his NIL work. Photo credit: Mizzou Athletics

Seitz believes the partnership between the legal clinic and Mizzou Athletics has the potential to evolve as NIL opportunities continue to grow.

“These student-athletes are entrepreneurs in their own right,” he said. “They have a product (NIL) that will be marketed and monetized. No different than any other business, as the growth cycle continues, entrepreneurs are faced with many legal challenges that the clinic can assist with. Additionally, as the NIL space expands, numerous student-athlete workshops could be conducted with the entrepreneurship clinic to educate the student-athletes even before they begin their NIL journey.”

The ELC has already worked with several current and former Mizzou student-athletes to help them establish brand trademarks and file other important legal paperwork.

“The ELC stands out as a premier group on campus,” Mizzou football player Darius Robinson said. “Comprising dedicated and industrious students, this exceptional team is committed to the well-being of others and extends a helping hand to Mizzou students in the navigating of legal matters.”

Mizzou track star Euphenie Andre also had a similarly successful partnership with the ELC.

Euphenie Andre competing in a track eventMizzou track star Euphenie Andre has also received assistance from the ELC in establishing her LLC as a student-athlete. Photo credit: Mizzou Athletics

“I had a fantastic experience working with the law school, where they supported me in becoming a business owner,” Andre said. “The process was smooth and efficient. I’m thrilled about the exciting developments at EFF IT UP LLC, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone!”

The NIL contract review service is offered to athletes and non-athletes on all four UM System campuses. To learn more about the ELC and how to apply for services, visit: https://law.missouri.edu/elc/

This is just one NIL service offered to Mizzou student athletes among many more. Learn more about other services here: https://mutigers.com/news/2024/1/3/mizzou-athletics-school-of-journalism-parnter-on-innovative-nil.aspx.