Mizzou Law Hoods 98 Students in Class of 2022

On May 15, Mizzou Law celebrated the graduation of 98 students, 92 with Juris Doctor (JD) degrees and six with Master of Laws (LLM) degrees. Here is a little more about this amazing graduating class:

The six LLM graduates come from three states (Alabama, Tennessee and Michigan) and five countries (U.S., South Africa, Nigeria, Grenada, and Yemen.)

The 92 JD graduates hail from 12 different states and two countries (U.S. and India).Here are the states they come from:

  1. Arkansas
  2. California
  3. Idaho
  4. Illinois
  5. Kansas
  6. Maryland
  7. Missouri
  8. North Carolina
  9. New York
  10. Pennsylvania
  11. Texas
  12. Vermont

a photo of a graduate being hoodedFurther, more than 10% of the 2022 graduating class will be serving in judicial clerkships next year in state and federal courts.

Members of the class of 2022 have jobs and will be working in Missouri and at least 14 states other across the nation.

The class of 2022 will be working in a wide range of attorney and JD advantage positions, including: law firms of all sizes, the federal government, legal services organizations and public defenders’ offices, prosecutors’ offices, offices of the attorney general and other state agencies, as well as accounting firms and title companies.a photo of a speaker at graduation