Prof. Oliveri’s publication cited by Connecticut Supreme Court

Prof. Rigel Oliveri, the Isabelle Wade and Paul C. Lyda Professor of Law, recently had her publication, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Claims Under the Fair Housing Act After Bostock v. Clayton County (Kansas Law Review, 2021) cited favorably by the Connecticut Supreme Court in Comm’n on Hum. Rts. & Opportunities v. Edge Fitness, LLC, โ€” A.3d โ€”, 2022 WL 222020, at *2 n.2 (Conn. Jan. 25, 2022):

This appeal presents a significant question of first impression with respect to whether the Public Accommodation Act, General Statutes ยง 46a-64, contains an implied customer gender privacy exception to its general prohibition against sex-based discrimination.