Professor Andrea Boyack develops a new framework for consumer contracts in Denver Law Review article

Andrea Boyack, the Floyd R. Gibson Professor of Law at Mizzou Law, recently published a new piece, “The Shape of Consumer Contracts,” in the Denver Law Review. In her article, Professor Boyack presents a new approach to consumer contract law that she argues would “treat a consumer’s choice to do business with a company as legally distinct from assent to that company’s online terms.”

In a piece about her new article in Bloomberg Law, Professor Boyack wrote, “Companies have long claimed that their online boilerplates must be afforded contractual status, or else the world of commerce would be thrown into chaos. This is absurd. In the context of business-to-business transactions, the law rejects the need to adopt one party’s standard form as the parties’ contract.”

To read Professor Boyack’s full article published in the Denver Law Review, click here.