Professor Lietzan Speaks at Conference about New Uses of Established Drugs

On February 8, Professor Erika Lietzan spoke at the conference, “Clinical Innovation: Fair and Effective Incentives for New Uses of Established Drugs,” convened in Washington, DC, by University College London (UCL) and the Georgetown University Law Center (GULC). This invitation-only conference gathered more than 40 experienced thought leaders — including scientists, industry executives, lawyers, law professors, business professors, judges, retired judges, and regulators, most with several decades of experience — to consider whether there is a serious problem of potential new uses that remain unexplored, and to consider how governments can encourage research into these uses while still allowing generic copies of drugs for old uses.  Professor Lietzan presented a paper in which she explains that U.S. law provides incentives that are simply ignored by participants in the healthcare delivery and finance system.  She described steps that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Congress could take, to ensure that current incentives for new use research (patents and data exclusivity) work as drafted and intended.