Professor Oliveri Wins Outstanding Volunteer Service Award

The award from the City of Columbia honors her service to improving fair and affordable housing programs and services

Rigel Oliveri, the Isabelle Wade and Paul C. Lyda Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law, has received the 11th Howard B. Lang, Jr. Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service to the City of Columbia.

Professor Oliveri earned the award due to her involvement with fair and affordable housing programs and services, which includes her work with the Columbia Housing Authority and other agencies and programs. She currently serves on the Columbia Housing Authority Board and works on providing support services for low-income, public housing residents in Columbia in order to help them improve the quality of their lives and their children’s lives. Her goal is transformative change.

She has volunteered time and expertise for years to the City of Columbia to help the cause of fair and affordable housing. One of her key contributions is through leading numerous seminars on the topic of fair housing and lending. Bankers, lawyers, real estate professionals, college students and the general public attend these events. She has also allowed the City to broadcast her addresses and content on YouTube and the City Channel.

In the words of her four primary nominators, Nancy Thompson, Randall Cole, Adam Kruse and Rose Wibbenmeyer, “Rigel exemplifies the ideal candidate for this award. Her longstanding commitment to her volunteer work has assisted our community in understanding the importance of fair and affordable housing, and has been critical to the City of Columbia’s efforts to increase housing opportunities for all.”

To read more about her award, read the story on the City of Columbia’s website.