Professors Henson, Pratzel honored with 2022 Spurgeon Smithson Awards

Mizzou Law professor Chuck Henson and adjunct professor Alan Pratzel were honored on Sept. 14 with Spurgeon Smith Awards by the Missouri Bar Foundation.

This award recognizes judges, law teachers, and/or lawyers who have provided outstanding services toward the increase and diffusion of justice.

The Foundation’s board recognizes the great work Professor Henson has done at the university, with the Supreme Court of Missouri’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Law, and with students:

“Henson seeks out the meaning of justice and ensures his students focus on the special responsibility lawyers have for the quality of justice. A key part of this responsibility is serving others. Lawyers can teach citizens about justice and can provide the best service to our society,” the Foundation wrote in a news release.a photo of alan pratzel

The Board also selected Alan Pratzel as a recipient of this award. Professor Pratzel recently taught Professional Responsibility at the School of Law in the summer of 2022, as he has done in the past. Professor Pratzel is Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Missouri judiciary, and this award celebrates his efforts to “‘increase justice through a fair application of the Rules of Professional Conduct’ to Missouri lawyers and their clients.”

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