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About DeAndre Fayne

Law school has always been a dream of mine, and I am grateful that I was able to attend such an excellent institution. The close interaction between students and faculty is one of the major reasons I picked Mizzou Law School. I’ve been pleased by the friendly and inclusive community that exists within the walls of Hulston Hall since the first day of orientation. The faculty members are not only extremely qualified and experienced in their disciplines, but they are also sincerely interested in the students’ success and growth.  The instructors are here for us and want to guarantee that we as students receive what we need in our legal path, whether it’s through classroom topics or simply conversing during their office hours. Another reason I choose Mizzou Law in part because of its study abroad options. I hope to pursue the chance to travel to South Africa and pursue my academic interests there. Having studied abroad my MA degree at Corpus Christi in Oxford, UK, last year, I am aware of the value of exploring new options and expanding one’s perspectives.

My area of interest is Intellectual Property law, but Mizzou Law School offers a wide variety of courses and possibilities to accommodate to individual interests, so I am also interested to explore other areas of law. I’m here to offer that assistance to you, future Mizzou Law School students. I recognize that selecting a law school is an important choice, and I would be happy to address any inquiries you may have and share my own experiences as a student here. Whether you have a passion for intellectual property law or any other area of the law, Mizzou Law School provides a dynamic learning environment that will support your success. I am excited to be a part of your journey and assist you in any way I can.