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About Maggie Munsterman

Hi there!  Looking back, I am so thankful that my path through the law school admissions process brought me here to Mizzou. Throughout my search for the perfect fit, I never felt truly valued as a student until I walked into Hulston Hall. I met with multiple Mizzou Law students prior to my decision, and each absolutely loved their experience. I heard stories of engaging professors who connected with their students on a personal level, helpful study tools, and exciting post-graduate job opportunities. I asked what felt like a million questions, and each answer gave me more and more peace about making Mizzou Law my next step.

Now that I’m here, all of the hopes I had for my 1L year have been realized. I now know that my professors are not only highly esteemed in their subject areas but wonderful people, too. The other students are collaborative and supportive, and the academic programs are as helpful as I had anticipated. Because meeting with current law students individually was what gave me confidence in my law school decision, I am excited for the chance to help you in the same way! Feel free to reach out with questions about any step of the admissions process, Mizzou Law in general, or to make a friend in Hulston Hall. I would love to talk with you, and I hope to see you soon!