Externship Program


The Externship offers students an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to bridge the gap between law school and law practice. Through the Externship, students prepare for “effective and responsible participation in the legal profession” (ABA Std. 301) by applying the core concepts learned in law school courses to the challenges presented in the actual, in-office practice of law.

The externship placement program allows a student to work under the supervision of a lawyer or judge in a public law office, government agency, or not for profit organization or for an attorney in private practice so long as the student is assisting only with pro bono work performed by that attorney, for such purposes as:

  1. Enhancing their legal research and writing skills
  2. Taking part in and observing law practice or judicial decision making
  3. Using concepts and skills learned in regular law school classes
  4. Appearing before courts and administrative agencies under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 13
  5. Understanding the requirements of compliance with the rules of professional responsibility
  6. Considering the difficult human and ethical problems that face modern lawyers