Reciprocity Policy

The University of Missouri School of Law is happy to develop reciprocal service agreements with other ABA-accredited law schools. Reciprocity is offered to students and graduates of such other law schools as follows:

  1. Reciprocity services are offered to current law students and graduates whose law schools provide access to their career services, including online job listings, to University of Missouri School of Law alumni and students on the same or similar basis as provided for herein.
  2. Reciprocity services are restricted to current students and alumni from ABA-accredited law school located outside the State of Missouri.
  3. Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by the law school of the person seeking services.
  4. When reciprocity is approved, it is granted for a period of three months. Privileges may be extended upon request and the approval of the Assistant Dean of Career Development.
  5. Reciprocity visitors to MU Law School must abide by Career Development Office procedures. In particular, they must (a) call our office at (573) 882-7386 to ascertain convenient office hours and schedule appointments; (b) identify themselves on each office visit.
  6. The following services are unavailable under reciprocity privileges: targeted job counseling, attendance at job fairs, resume collections and on-campus interviews (even when conducted via videoconference).
  7. The Assistant Dean for Career Development can deny services to any school surpassing a reasonable number of reciprocity requests within any calendar year and to any individual who misuses the Career Development facilities or services.
  8. This policy may be changed at any time without notice.
  9. Please direct any inquiries about this Reciprocity Policy to the Office of Career Development, University of Missouri School of Law, 103 Hulston Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-4300, (573) 882-7386,