Student Wellbeing

At Mizzou Law, we continuously commit to providing our students with the resources to succeed in a healthy and inclusive manner. Mizzou Law and the University of Missouri promote mental health and wellness in a number of ways: emotionally, physically, socially, financially and occupationally.

Emotional Wellness

A number of resources for mental health and wellness are available for students through the University of Missouri as well as our Missouri legal partners. These include:

and many more...

Physical Wellness

The physical health and wellbeing of our students is vital to their success, and this includes the physical accessibility of our campus and academic courses. Resources for physical wellbeing include:

Social Wellness

Mizzou Law and the University of Missouri have made commitments to pursue inclusive excellence in all aspects of higher education. We rigorously recruit qualified minority students and has had progressive success in attracting them to Mizzou. In the admissions process we seek geographical as well as cultural diversity, and our current student body reflects this commitment. Once students our at Mizzou Law we continually strive to support them in whatever ways they need to thrive academically and professionally.

Financial Wellness

Mizzou Law recognizes the financial commitment of attending law school and how financial decisions can influence your future. Mizzou is an exceptional value and it’s understandable that financing your law school education can be daunting. The Financial Aid Office offers support in the area of student finances including financial aid, financial literacy, and individual financial counseling by an Accredited Financial Counselor. For financial aid questions and resources, contact Jeff Turnbull (; 573-882-1383).

Occupational Wellness

When you choose Mizzou Law, the Office of Career Development will assist you in planning your career, developing your professional skills and utilizing effective job search strategies. The career development team helps students and graduates find meaningful career opportunities across the state, the country and the world. For questions and career development resources, reach out to the Career Development staff.