Concentrations & Certificates

Center for the Digital Globe (Graduate Certificate)

The Center for the Digital Globe (CDiG), established by the College of Business, School of Journalism, School of Law, and Department of Textile and Apparel Management in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, offers an interdepartmental certificate to graduate students of the University of Missouri. The certificate program supplements the students’ graduate studies within the various colleges and schools that make up the University. This is not a degree-granting program. Instead, the certificate attests to the students’ successful completion of a required course of study with emphasis on the managerial, theoretical and policy-related issues associated with digital media, electronic commerce and globalization.

Criminal Justice (Concentration)

The Criminal Justice Concentration is designed for two groups of students: those who are considering beginning their legal careers as prosecutors or criminal defense counsel and those who may not have an express interest in criminal practice, but who are nonetheless seeking a course of study structured to provide training in the range of skills necessary to the practice of law in most substantive areas – particularly including legal analysis, factual investigation, counseling, negotiation and the persuasive arts employed in written and oral advocacy.

Dispute Resolution (Certificate)

The MU Certificate in Dispute Resolution is designed to foster such learning in students by providing the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s leading dispute resolution scholars and practitioners. The MU School of Law has been ranked No. 1 in dispute resolution by U.S. News and World Report since 1999, and has more full-time faculty specializing in dispute resolution than any other law school.

European Union (Certificate)

Designed to complement existing degrees, the Graduate Certificate Program consists of 12 credit hours of study to be completed in a variety of settings over four semesters. A portion of the coursework takes place via the electronic classroom, allowing students to pursue their Certificate while maintaining work responsibilities or completing other degree programs. Students typically begin their studies during the winter semester, though the program is flexible to accommodate different scheduling needs.

Tax Law (Concentration)

The Tax Law concentration is designed to provide each student in the concentration basic education in both general skills and subject-matter specific knowledge and provide each student with an opportunity to bring the entire skill set to bear in a capstone experience designed to teach integrated legal problem-solving. Completion of a concentration should improve the overall preparedness of graduates by conferring entry-level competence to begin practicing law with appropriate supervision in the concentration’s subject matter area or practice setting.