Mizzou LLM in Dispute Resolution On-Campus Program


MU was the first U.S. law school to offer an LLM exclusively focused on dispute resolution. MU consistently ranks as one of the top law schools in dispute resolution.


Our scholars generate important work influencing dispute resolution theory and practice around the world. We have one of the largest collections of full-time law faculty who focus on dispute resolution, publishing many leading articles and texts on dispute resolution.


Our program blends theoretical analysis, practitioner skills, and systems design work.


Our classes are small, creating a close community among faculty and students, forming lifelong bonds for networking and future collaboration. Classes generally are limited to LLM students.


Our student body is diverse – by age, race, nationality, legal background – which enriches the level of discussion inside and outside the classroom.

Other Unique On-Campus Program Features

  • Although the program is geared primarily to lawyers, we will consider applicants who have substantial ADR experience but who do not have law degrees.
  • In the State of Missouri, a graduate from a law school outside the United States may request permission to take the bar examination by furnishing satisfactory evidence to the Missouri Bar. See http://www.courts.mo.gov/.
  • Being a state-funded university in an affordable city, MU’s LLM program is an exceptional value for the high-quality education our students receive.

LLM in Dispute Resolution Online Program Information