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The University of Missouri School of Law Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (ELC) is a program designed to provide legal assistance and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state of Missouri.  The clinic is staffed by law students under the supervision of the experienced clinic director.  The primary goal is to offer practical legal experience to law students while simultaneously offering valuable legal services to local entrepreneurs.

Key features of the ELC include:

  1. Legal Assistance for Startups: The clinic assists startup founders and small business owners with legal issues related to business formation, contracts, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and other relevant areas.
  2. Educational Component: Law students participating in the clinic gain hands-on experience by working on real cases. The clinic integrates a classroom component where students learn about the legal aspects of entrepreneurship and business law.
  3. Supervision by Faculty (Licensed Attorney): The clinic is overseen by an experienced Director who is an expert in business law. Their role as Director is to guide and supervise students, ensuring the quality and accuracy of legal services provided.
  4. Community Engagement: The ELC often engages with the local business community. This can include outreach events, workshops, and partnerships with local organizations to promote entrepreneurship and legal awareness.
  5. Pro Bono Services: The clinic offers its services on a pro bono basis, providing free or low-cost legal assistance to entrepreneurs who may not have the resources to hire a private attorney.
  6. Focus on Ethical and Responsible Entrepreneurship: The clinic emphasizes the importance of ethical business practices and responsible entrepreneurship, guiding entrepreneurs to navigate legal challenges while upholding ethical standards.
  7. Networking Opportunities: Through the clinic, law students have the chance to connect with local entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals, expanding their network within the business and legal communities.

Overall, the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic serves as a bridge between legal education and the practical needs of startup ventures. It benefits both law students, who gain valuable experience, and entrepreneurs, who receive essential legal support for their business endeavors.

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Student Testimonials

 “The ELC is one of the most important experiences I had in law school. The client interaction is invaluable. This is a significant aspect of legal practice that the typical law school class does not address. Even as a law clerk I did not have the opportunity to interview clients and work on my ability to communicate with them regarding complex legal concepts. This is a skill that takes practice. Also, most law school classes are highly theoretical and tend to focus on litigation. With my interest in the transactional aspects of the law, the ELC offered a practical opportunity to apply my legal knowledge to real-life situations and gain hands-on experience.” – Phillip Schranck, ’23

 “The best thing about the clinic was the collaborative environment, which helped us learn from each other and grow closer. We learned practical skills from the director and presenters that we will certainly apply in our practices one day. We had such a diverse array of business and legal issues to research and problem-solve. Each day was a different and exciting learning experience!” – Alexa Belancourt, ’23

“During law school I started a small business and my first experience with the ELC was as a client. A year or so later during my 3L year I had the opportunity to become a member of the ELC clinic. I absolutely loved applying my legal studies to real-world issues and help clients pursue their dreams. As part of the entrepreneurship community, I have directly seen the importance of offering these services to small business owners, and as a law student I have learned invaluable skills from working with real clients.” – Georgi Gnibus, ’23

Client Testimonials

“Working with the MU Entrepreneurship Law Clinic, I received all the legal documents and liability waivers I needed to protect my business at no cost to me. This had an immediate impact on my business. The money started rolling in. As a novice entrepreneur, I was apprehensive about finding a good lawyer and affording one to help me with legal tasks. I did my best to create contracts and liability waivers and looked into legalities of business, but deep down, I knew that I needed legal advice and support to protect my home and business from unforeseen liabilities.” – Tara Dietrich, Sacred Source Studios, LLC

“I had a fantastic experience working with the law school, where they supported me in becoming a business owner. The process was smooth and efficient. I’m thrilled about the exciting developments at EFF IT UP LLC, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone!” – Euphenie Andre, Mizzou track athlete

“The ELC stands out as a premier group on campus. Comprising dedicated and industrious students, this exceptional team is committed to the well-being of others and extends a helping hand to Mizzou students in the navigating of legal matters.” – Darius Robinson, former Mizzou and current professional football player

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