Business Administration (JD/MBA)

Students completing the Law and Business course of study will be eligible to receive the JD degree from the School of Law and the MBA degree from the School of Business. This course of study may be completed in four years. Normally, students require three years to complete the requirements for the JD degree and two years to complete the requirements for the MBA degree.

Application Procedure

Applicants to the dual degree program must submit formal applications and meet the requirements for admission to both the School of Law and to the Crosby MBA Program, to be eligible for the dual degree.  Contact the Crosby MBA Program and the School of Law for further information on admissions requirements.  Both applications must normally be submitted before a student has substantially completed the requirements of either program. Students may apply for both programs before starting either one, may apply during their 1L or 2L year of Law School, or may apply during their first year of the MBA program.

Degree Requirement Summary

The program meets the requirements for the JD with a total of 83 hours of law credit and 6 hours of study at the College of Business. The program meets the requirements for the MBA with 47.5 credit hours of courses in the Crosby MBA Program and 6 elective credit hours at the School of Law.  Thus the total (net) additional credits required for JD/MBA is 41.5.


Students in the dual-degree program will spend their first year at the law school taking the traditional first-year law school curriculum. Students will spend their second year primarily at the College of Business.  In the two final years, students will split the time between the School of Law and the College of Business.

School of Law Required Courses

89 hours required for graduation

1st Year

5010, 5015 Civil Procedure (5)
5020, 5025 Contracts (6)
5035 Criminal Law (4)
5050 Property (5)
5070 Torts (5)
5080 Legal Research and Writing (2)
5085 Advocacy and Research (2)
5095 Lawyering (2)

2nd Year

5220 Constitutional Law (4)
5260 Evidence (4)

2nd or 3rd Year

5240 Criminal Procedure (3)
5280 Professional Responsibility (3)

Law electives – 38 credits
MBAelectives – 6 credits

*Students who are dismissed and readmitted or who otherwise are placed on probation at the end of the fall semester will be required to take Legal Reasoning, a course designed to assist students in meeting the graduation requirements. Those students in Legal Reasoning will not take Advocacy & Research until their second year.

Crosby MBA Program of Study

Fall Courses

Management 7970 – Strategic Management (1.5)
Management 7480 – Managerial Analytics (1.5)
Management 7420 – Managerial Statistics (1.5)
Marketing 7460 – Managerial Marketing (1.5)
Marketing 7470 – Advanced Marketing Management (1.5)
Accountancy 7310 – Accounting for Managers (3)
Finance 7210 Microeconomics for Business (1.5)
Finance 8350 – Financial Statement Analysis 1 (1.5)
Management 7470 – Data Analysis for Managers (1.5)

Marketing 8000 Level -3
Finance 8000 Level – 3
MBA Open Choice – 6
Law – 6

Spring Courses

Management 7410 – Management Information Systems (1.5)
Management 7430 – Operations Strategy (1.5)
Management 7380 – Organization Behavior 1: The Individual (1.5)
Management 7390 – Organization Behavior 2: Macro Processes (1.5)
Finance 7410 – Managerial Finance 1 (1.5)
Finance 7420 – Managerial Finance 2 (1.5)
Business Admin 8500 – Bus Problem Analysis: Field Project (3)
Business Admin 8020 – MBA Seminar 2: Global Focus and required case competition (1)
Management 8970 – Strategy and Global Competitiveness (1.5)

Note: The above listing is the tentative schedule of which semester each class will be offered in. 1.5 credit courses are offered either in the first 8 weeks or second 8 weeks of a semester. Students will work with both Law and MBA advisors to schedule classes to fit individual needs.


  1. Entry to the Law School and the MBA program occurs only in the fall. Students may begin either program first. However, during the first year of entering law school, only law classes will be taken. Thereafter, law and business classes may be intermingled.
  2. The School of Law cannot award credit for any class taken before matriculation at the School of Law. Dual degree candidates must therefore enroll at the School of Law before taking the 6 credits of business courses to be counted toward the JD degree.
  3. Dual Degree candidates who subsequently decide to pursue only the MBA or J.D. degree must complete the chosen degree program in its entirety and subject to the same requirements as students not pursuing a dual degree.
  4. Law students who receive credit under the dual-degree program for taking courses at the College of Business may not receive credit for taking other classes outside the School of Law. Similarly, MBA students pursuing a dual JD degree must select a business emphasis area rather than one outside the College of Business.
  5. Student honors and class ranks at the School of Law will be computed on classes enrolled in as law courses.  Academic Achievement Awards in the MBA Program will be computed on classes enrolled in as business classes.
  6. Students are required by the Graduate School to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all 7000-level and above Graduate School course work to be eligible to graduate with an MBA.  Grades for law courses applied as electives toward the MBA degree must be at least “C” or better, but will not count in the graduate grade point average calculation.  Numerical law grades are converted to letter grades by the course professor.
  7. The listing of courses does not constitute a binding commitment that the courses will be offered during the student’s course of study or that the graduation requirements will remain unchanged.
  8. Students in the dual-degree program are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to all students at the School of Law and Crosby MBA Program.