Student Bar Association (SBA)

All enrolled students at the University of Missouri School of Law are automatically members of the Student Bar Association, the School’s student government organization.

SBA works to represent all student points of view to the administration and faculty. SBA’s functions are many and varied but can be divided into two general categories of academic and social functions. Emphasis is placed on both – SBA sponsors speakers and forums to expand students’ legal education, and manages a law school mentor program, pairing first-year students with second- or third-year students for guidance.  Additionally, SBA hosts social events and mixers, such as football tailgates, Barrister’s Ball, Battle of the Gavel (the annual school softball tournament), and assists with the Tim Heinsz 5K (see full description).

The main objective of SBA is to bring student viewpoints into the educational process at the MU School of Law. Student representatives sit on all Law School committees, ensuring that student opinions are known and helping formulate curriculum and policy. Social events round out the process and are designed to allow future attorneys to network for the free exchange of ideas which are of importance and interest to attorneys. The governing body of the Student Bar Association is the Board of Governors. Elected each year by the student body, the Board is composed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and twelve representatives (four from each class year).

SBA is funded by membership contributions, payable once during the first semester of the first year. Additionally, SBA receives one dollar per student per semester from the Student Activities Fee. Other operating funds are generated from Book Pool revenues, grants from the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association and some matching funds from the Law School.

The SBA office is located on the sub-plaza level.