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The School of Law online alumni directory is searchable by individual fields for your convenience. You may use one field alone or a combination of fields. For example, if you wanted to search for John Doe, you may enter either “John” in the First Name field or “Doe” in the Last Name field or both, for lists to include that person.

Questions About the Directory?

Contact the advancement office:

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If you would like a list of alumni in Columbia, Mo., enter “Columbia” in the City field and “MO” in the State field. The more fields you complete, the more narrow your search results will be.

After a list is generated, click on individual names to see preferred address information. Please note that those who have requested no publication of web information will not appear in the results of your search. The directory is updated periodically to incorporate changes in preferred addresses.

The School of Law online directory is intended for personal use only. It is not intended for use in generating mailing lists or other means of mass contact and is designed so as to preclude such use.

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