Visiting Students

As a general rule, students are required to complete six semesters of residence at one law school in order to earn a J.D. degree. Under exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to satisfy up to two semesters of this requirement by attending another ABA-accredited law school as a visiting student.

Visiting students are not considered candidates for degrees from Mizzou Law.

Students who wish to visit Mizzou Law must submit the following information. We strongly encourage applicants to apply through LSAC. The application requires certain materials an applicant has already submitted to LSAC during the first year JD application which can expedite the process.

  • The following items are REQUIRED:
    1. Complete the Mizzou Law Application for Transfer Admission and pay the $60 application fee.
    2. An applicant’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report including undergraduate transcripts and an LSAT score.
    3. A resume. Recommended information includes education, employment, activities, community service, volunteer efforts, etcAn applicants resume can be as many pages as required to adequately express accomplishments, activities, etc.
    4. A brief statement explaining why an applicant desires to visit Mizzou Law.
    5. A letter of good standing from the law school the applicant currently attends. The letter must state that the applicant is in good standing, eligible to return to that law school, the applicant’s class rank, that the law school will accept the transfer credits earned at Mizzou Law, and any specific courses the applicant must take at Mizzou Law to satisfy the applicant’s graduation requirements.
    6. Official transcripts of all law school coursework attempted and completed.

Mizzou Law does not have a specific deadline for visiting applications. Decisions on visiting student applications are only made after all supporting documents are received and reviewed by the admissions committee. The committee usually takes anywhere from one week to ten days to render a decision once an applicant’s file is complete.